Message from the EC


UMASU has come a long way since its setting up in the early seventies. Our quest for a better work environment has led us to work with successive managements of the University. Over the years UMASU has forged itself into an inescapable platform for negotiation with management and other authorities such as the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research & Technology, the Tertiary Education Commission and the Pay Research Bureau. We would like to put on record here our sincere gratitude to the various teams who have served on the Executive Committee. Some of the presidents we wish to mention are Dass Vencatasamy, Said Goburdhun, Milan Meetarbhan, Len Seebaluck, Rajen Narsinghen, Ajit Rambaree, Mono Bunwaree and Dinesh Hurreeram among others, who have graciously devoted their time in making UMASU the recognised body that it now is on campus. We are proud of their achievements.


By going online, our objective is to share with one and all, the various opportunities available to academics working at UOM. These are the outcomes of several years of negotiations. We endeavour to continue the process to make UOM a prestigious institution which any professional would look forward to join for the purposes of knowledge sharing through teaching, research and consultancy activities.


UOM offers several benefits for its advancement.  You will find an overview of the various schemes recommended by the PRB, on the website. Please contact us for further details. We wish you all a fruitful reading.


The Executive Committee

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